The Power of Blue and Green

Sky Dispo is specialized in manufacturing of in-flight catering and passenger comfort equipment in Turkey as well as producing take-away food packages. Both manufacturing high quality products and providing a constant good service are key facts of Sky Dispo’s corporate profile. Therefore Sky Dispo aspires doing best in supplying its customers in different parts of the World. In addition, Sky Dispo pays attention on research and development in creating innovative products for its customers.

Sky Dispo strives to maintain high quality standard of production and the best customer service at reasonable prices since beginning of the millennium. A product range of Sky Dispo consists of two main groups as in-flight catering service materials and take-away packages. Besides supplying airlines, Sky Dispo also provides catering service materials to the Trains, Coach Companies, Marine Transportation as well as supplying take-away food packages for Hotels, Restraunts and Cafeterias in both domestic and international market.

Sky Dispo quality policy is formed by observing and applying quality facts of World and European Union Standards therefore said Quality Standards are strictly applied on each step of production as considering human health and travel comfort.

The main strength of Sky Dispo is an innovative production and creating new solutions for an in-flight catering industry to make travel even enjoying. In this respect, our customers’ complaints and suggestions are key feature in developing our products and creating better.

Consequently, Sky Dispo produces quality FOR AN ENJOYING TRAVEL to make its customers smile and satisfy.

What does Sky Dispo stand for?

Sky Dispo’s product range consists of two main groups as in-flight catering materials and disposable food packages therefore our brand name stands for both airways and disposable food packaging.


Sky Dispo’s mission is to produce quality materials which meet all international standards for airline catering and food service industries for reasonable prices. Transparency in the relationships with the customers, and giving an assurance in supplying their needs are the base for the construction of a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.


Sky Dispo’s responsibility is to continually supplying high quality in-flight catering materials and disposable food service packages for an enjoying travel and proper service.

Corporate Values

Food service industry requires high attention in satisfying customers therefore Sky Dispo always considers feedback of its clients. Quality standards of Sky Dispo are also developed in accordance with the consumer’s demands.

Acting in an ethical way involves distinguishing between “right” and “wrong” and then making the “right” choice. Main target of Sky Dispo is not only selling its products because all the marketing activities should not diverge from the Sky Dispo’s ethic rules such as honesty, confidentiality, staying away from conflict of interests and showing respect to the its competitors.

According to the Sky Dispo’s corporate strategy, giving an ear to its customer’s suggestions and complaints are key features of our success because all type of feedbacks makes us even stronger than our competitors in the market. Therefore we believe in power of the innovation thanks to our customer’s contributions.

Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hope therefore Sky Dispo does best of its business requirements as considering values of its customers.

Team Working is an important fact in manufacturing quality products and supplying well-known companies in the World. The relationships with our employees were formed as it should be in a family but it was shaped in accordance with the necessaries of professional company. Therefore, we keep bringing a value on our business with our team members who are aware of team working value.