Partner at High Altitude

Sky Dispo is at your disposal for a comfort journey during a entire flight.
Either while sleeping or eating, you will touch on our quality and feel the comfort until your destination.

Supplying the Quality Ones

Sky Dispo has been supplying the World Famous Airlines as well as the Trains, and Cruises with its high quality passenger comfort solutions.
Either plastic, textile, paper products are provided by Sky Dispo.

SkyDispo makes the life easier for having fun

Just buy the disposable packs, take your time then throw them away.

In-Flight Taste

Nowadays Airline Culinary has step forwarded and perfect foods cooked by master chefs have been served by cabin crew. Sky Dispo manufactures packs for such tasty foods and serve them in a perfect shape. Get a kick out of your journey...

Sky Dispo is a brand of providing quality service sustainability

Fast Service

We have been running our business as aspiring to reach consumption pace in a time of maximum rate of consumption and needs as a Sky Dispo.

Customer Satisfaction

As coming out from the “Good service makes the difference” motto, we have been recognized the customer satisfaction as a touchstone of supplying process.


The most important indicator of our environment tenderness is an idea of bringing back the treasure which we have taken from the past to the future.


Doing our business in a maximum quality is most important fact of our sense of customer satisfaction.

What does Sky Dispo stand for?

Sky Dispo’s product range consists of two main groups as in-flight catering materials and disposable food packages therefore our brand name stands for both airways and disposable food packaging.